Shoan Blackworth by Glitzyangel

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Want a good looking Vampire for your game? How about if I told you he’s Mathew Hamming’s son? Ahhh, now I got your attention! 😉 Check out a handsome Vampire named Shoan Blackworth by Glitzyangel! Details are as follows:

Shoan Blackworth is a young adult sim, a vampire born in my game. His father is known in Bridgeport Matthew Hamming. Custom content: trousers, eye lenses and eyebrows. Checked with Custard program so safe to download. Please recommend if you like him 🙂

Glitzyangel let’s you know above which pieces of her creation are CC. I have double checked and it’s all safe!  Click Shoan’s photo below to download him! 🙂