Extra Sims 3 Lots by EA

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The Black Scorpion over at SimProgams passed on a link for 5 EA made lots! The information came in from their reader GlossyGem , and the new lots can be downloaded on the EA Polish website.


Our reader/user GlossyGem has pointed out something interesting to me. You guys/gals know how EA has Sims 3 Pages for the Expansion and Stuff Packs on EA.com right? Well the page for The Sims 3 on the Polish EA site has 5 new lots for your town/world! There’s 2 new clubs, a park, salon and a gym!

Raspberry Delight Club(Disco Club), Mango Nightclub(Dance Club), Saxon Park(Big Park), Be Beautiful Salon Ltd(Salon)and Impression Gym(Gym).


Lot Lot 2 Lot 3 Lot 4 Lot 5 Lot 6 Lot 7 Lot 8 Lot 9 Lot 10 Lot 11 Lot 12


Click the link below to go to the page. Once there, click the picture and then download the compressed folder. Open and install! I’ve tested the lots and they look great!