Video & Photos of the Sims Illuminated PC Mouse!

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Remember the Sims Illuminated Mouse we reported on a few days ago? Well, fansites SimsNieuws & SimFans have already received their Mood Mouse! Check out Video & Photos below!

❗ Buyer Beware! According to both sites, the mouse continuously changes colors while plugged in. The mouse does not in any way reflect the mood of your Sim in game as advertised. Whether this is a driver issue, or a misleading product (what else is new with EA!), just make sure to know this info before forking out $25!

SimFans claim to have contacted the manufacturer, and since this mouse has only been released in a few countries, they promise to have a proper driver release to make it functional with the Sims 3. Only time will tell if this is true. ❗


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