Channel 4 Educational (UK) – SuperMes Episode #1

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UK’s Educational Channel 4 has launched a series based on the Sims 3. Below is episode 1 of hopefully more to come!

Inspired by Alicia Robin Burkinshaw and Kev, a story of two homeless people in The Sims 3, the project was conceived by Paul Bennun and Jo Roach, and was commissioned by Jo Twist on Channel 4 Education. The editor is Gemma Brady.

Using the engine of The Sims 3, each of the virtual actors are given very detailed character notes, characteristics, aspirations and motivations. Then improvised drama taking direction from the production team. The team follows them everywhere, capturing the action in the style of a documentary viewing.


Superman  is  part of the work of  Channel 4  Education, which helps  to make dolescentes  address  the  problems of life  and a new component  of the  award winning  game  system and  content  SuperMe.

Immersed in a fictional town England, digitally designed bike racks to the Superman house focuses on the main characters share. The cast includes the beautiful (and difficult) Anita, the perennial party girl Robert sofa surfer, the point continually mourn Clare, and Ryan, who dreams to take his band to a Sim-stage someday.


Thanks to Rincon del Simmer & SimPrograms for the info!