Nom Nom Nom Nom – Cake Island by Rflong7

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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock since last August (like me!), you have probably already heard of this awesomely delicious world by Rflong7. I only recently discovered this yummy world and it’s a must share! Head on over to Rflong7’s blog and put this world into your game! It will even compliment Sweet Treats if you plan on getting it. 🙂

For loads of extra photos and info, check out Rflong7’s forum thread as well.


There are many 60×60 and 64×64 lots priced for Legacies…. This Cake Island has a large Park, a Consignment Store, a Theater, a lot with the rabbit hole Stores & Spa, a little Park, a Heart Apartment, and my little Cupcake Castle to start off.

♦ 21.81MB

♦ 134 Lots-5:60×60/5:64×64 Lots

♦ No 3rd Party CC, WA/Amb/LN needed.