Limited Edition Sims 3 Dell Notebook

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Rincon Del Simmer has found a listing on Hungarian Retailer for a Limited Edition Sims 3 Dell Notebook. What makes this Notebook so special? Well apparently the usual Microsoft loading screen is replaced with a custom Sims 3 one, it includes a copy of the Sims 3 Base Game, and of course, the Notebook includes a custom Sims 3 Skin.

There is no confirmation of a release date or a general release in other countries, but according to WikiTech, this laptop has already been released as of April 6th.


The computer, mobile games and community around the world to conquer. One of the most popular computer game SIMS millions of fans can be satisfied. The Dell notebook that is why an individual occurs in the SIMS home fans. SIMS package for Dell Inspiron 15R removable cover is black with a limited edition contains a cover page and of course, SIMS SIMS 3 game software. To the computer world to live in the SIMS image instead of the standard Microsoft is unique, fun image SIMS greet us when turned on. The Dell package with all of these packages include Vodafone mobile internet.


Dell Sims 3