Sims 3 Site Update: My Page Changes (4/18/12)

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The Sims 3 Website Maintenance has been completed, and it looks like our Sims 3 My Pages have some new functions! First off, players can now pick and choose 3 badges to display next to their avatars, and the best part is, you can change them whenever you like!

Once you have checked 3 badges, select the update button at the bottom of the page.
Update 3

Another update to our Pages, is the addition of filters to easily find what we are looking for. You can sort by “All Activity”, “Others Activity” & “My Activity”. There is even a new option called “My Filters”, which allows you to sort what does and doesn’t show up on your Wall.

There seems to be some initial issues with the new format, but hopefully it gets to working soon!


Lastly, there is a brand new Featured Exchange Items Section on the Home Page. You can easily sort through the newest 11 features and view it’s details without leaving the page.