Happy Birthday Freezer Bunny!

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Via the Sims 3 Community Blog

Who is Freezer Bunny?

Some of you may remember Freezer Bunny’s first appearance in The Sims 2 when Sims would spot the little pink guy in the freezer section while doing some grocery shopping. Since then he’s been spotted on various clothing and gnome form! In The Sims 3 you might see him being pulled from the toy chest or on a Sim’s pajama top. Even the little Sims can dress as our favorite bunny


Freezer 3


So what’s all this talk about this little guy anyway? Well, we declared that today is Freezer Bunny’s birthday!  How does one celebrate the birth of a bouncy-looking pink bunny with irregular-shaped eyes? Some celebrate by having their Sims treat themselves to a Freezer Bunny-shaped popsicle.





Some opt to have their Sims show off the bunny’s likeness on their clothing.

Freezer 4


Maybe you might channel the mind of Freezer Bunny and immortalize him in your notebook during class lectures. However you celebrate Freezer Bunny’s birthday, why not share it with us?

Happy Birthday, Freezer Bunny!


Freezer 2