The Simalogue’s ‘Be Less Stupid’ Store & Game Fixes

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What is Be Less Stupid?

Be Less Stupid is where you can find fixes for your Sims 3 sets. Fixes include the following changes and recategorisation:
Old store items including wall art, wall televisions, wall lights and mirrors can now be shifted up and down walls; Hidden stencils unlocked where applicable; Trash bins, towel racks and laundry hampers moved from appliances to misc storage; Chair intended for office use only removed from dining chair category; Plants removed from misc décor; Decorative boxes, buckets etc and clothes racks moved to misc storage; Decorative wall shelving moved to displays; Small ornaments and clutter in misc décor; Large ornaments and sculptures to Sculptures; Fountains moved to misc plumbing; Castle build parts all now in roof decorations; Umbrellas and partitions / screens now easier to find in rugs section.


Other changes will be made to make items easier to find. Most clothing added to career category. Some hairstyles will be enabled for both genders. Some clothing will have the random setting removed. Most hairstyles will be added to career category and missing naked category added.

Place all files in Documents / Electronic Arts / The Sims 3 / Mods / Packages unless otherwise indicated.
Files do not alter your original files and when removed from packages directory, your original settings will be reverted. Any questions, please post in the forums.