Kingdom of Cambodia Fireplace Now Available

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For those of you who purchased the Kingdom of Cambodia set yesterday morning, may have noticed that the Fireplace was missing. SimGuruAims has confirmed that the item is now included in the set. You will need to delete the set, and reinstall it.


Thanks to some quick responding simmers, we were made aware of the fact that our morning releases of the Kingdom of Cambodia Bedroom and Bathroom Collection, and our May 2012 Compilation were missing the Kingdom of Cambodia: The Fire Within Fireplace.

We’ve fixed this problem and the fireplace is now included in those sets, as it should be!

For our players who purchased this set while it was missing the fireplace (for the first few hours this morning), you can follow these steps to ensure that you get your fireplace in your game as part of the set it belongs with:


1.Open your LAUNCHER (if you are running your game, after you open your launcher, close down your game.)

2.In the LAUNCHER: From your INSTALLED CONTENT location: Select and then UNINSTALL all the items that were included in the set you purchased that contained the Fireplace.

3.In the LAUNCHER: From your DOWNLOADS location: Select and then DELETE the set your purchased that contained the fireplace.



5.DOWNLOAD and INSTALL your set again.

6.Vola! Fireplace!

Sorry for the inconvenience! Thanks for your patience as we fixed this issue!
Happy Simming