The Sims 3 “Weather Stone” Guide

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The Sims 3 Weather Stone Guide




The Sims 3 Weather Stone is an object that is automatically placed within every town when you have The Sims 3 Supernatural & Seasons installed. Both games must be installed for this object to appear, as it cannot be found in buy mode. This guide contains information on the uses of the Weather Stone.






One you load any new or existing save, a pop up notification will appear to let you know the Weather Stone is successfully installed into the game. This notification also includes the location of the weather stone in that specific town. Select “View Weather Stone Location” and the camera will direct to the location.


You can also find the weather stone using the town’s map view!

Weather Stone



❗ The location of the Weather Stone can change with each game loaded. It usually does not appear in the same location twice, but it is a possibility.


Appaloosa Plains (Cinnamon Crest Falls) Barnacle Bay (Community School for the Gifted) Bridgeport (Plasma 501) Hidden Springs (Shoreline Cabin) Lucky Palms (Area 52 Test Labs) Lunar Lakes (Crystal Mine) Moonlight Falls (428 Huckleberry Lane) Riverview (Little Corsican Bistro) Starlight Shores (Verde Park Festival Grounds)
Sunlit Tides (The Hidden Fishing Hole) Sunset Valley (Sunnyside Strand) Twinbrook (Ivy Hill Graveyard)




Using the Weather Stone



The Weather Stone is an object exclusive to Supernatural Sims. Vampires, Witches, Fairies & Werewolves can create special weather effects throughout the town. Supernaturals can group up to increase the chances of a successful weather effect.



❗ Supernaturals who have a higher level of magic skill, have a better chance of enabling the weather effect on their own.


❗ Weather effects last 5 hours.


The Weather Stone can only be used once per day.

❗ The Weather Stone may become angry, and in return, will strike your Sim with a lightening bolt!



Eclipsing Fog (Vampires) – Vampires can summon a cold Eclipsing Fog that puts other Sims under their spell. Any Sims unwilling to be turned, or used as a snack, can’t help but fall victim by the effects of the Eclipsing Fog.


Eclipsing Fog


Bewitching Rain (Witches) – Witches can call forth a Bewitching Rain that showers the world with green precipitation.  Sims who are under the rain will get a boost to their mood and have an uncontrollable urge to rain dance.



Bewitching Rain


Hunter’s Storm (Werewolves) – Ferocious werewolves can summon a super snow storm with their own mystical powers. The Hunter’s Storm snows down collectibles onto the ground, and increases their chances of finding rare items.


Hunter’s Storm


Reviving Sprinkle (Fairies) – The Reviving Sprinkle turns rain into flowers. Plants will be magically watered and fertilized, killing off weeds and making them disappear. At the end of a Reviving Sprinkle, a beautiful rainbow will appear across the sky.


Reviving Sprinkle