Designer’s Blog: Prepare for Adventure!

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Via SimGuruTaterTot’s (yum!) Blog

Check out what SimGuruCopeland had to say about the Duke of Bows Renaissance Faire, available now in The Sims 3 Store!
Lords and Ladies, scallywags and scoundrels, bards and bar maidens, prepare thyself for adventure and fun at the Duke of Bows Renaissance Faire!



The new venue boasts lovely music from today and yesteryear. Learn a brand new skill with the beautifully crafted Violin! Few things are more romantic than having your serenade the fair maiden. You might also find some wayward virtuosos breaking out the Violin and Bow for a few extra Simoleons playing for tips in the courtyard.


venue 3

Not much of a songsmith? Then for the truly adventurous Sim, they should try a different kind of bow at the all new Archery Range. Nicknamed “the Gauntlet” for its many swinging blades and moving targets, this range isn’t for the faint of heart.

venue 5

For decades the visitors of the Duke of Bows Renaissance Faire have been trying to one up the standard trick shot and occasionally it can get a bit out of hand. It’s not uncommon to see the most Athletic Sims go for a double arrow of doom, the often understated William Tell, the vastly challenging threading of the needle, the branded donkey kick and of course, the flatulent llama.

venue 6

And anyone who knows anything about Baby Black Armored Dragons will tell you that they are drawn to archery like an arrow to its target. If you have both Dragon Valley and the Duke of Bows Renaissance Faire then your baby dragon eggs will have new social interactions that can help unlock these elusive creatures!


venue 7

So if you’re looking for new ways to challenge your Sim in exciting and creative ways, then head on down to the Duke of Bows Renaissance Faire!

venue 8