SimsVIP is Going to SimsCamp at Gamescom!

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EA, Maxis, & The Sims Team, have invited SimsVIP, along with many other fans from around the world, to The Sims Camp event at Gamescom in Germany! I’m honored and extremely grateful to be able to attend this amazing event. During Sims Camp we will get a first look at The Sims 3 Into the Future Expansion, as well as The Sims 4! Yes! We will get to play The Sims 4! 😀

Before I continue with more details, I want to take a moment and thank each and every one of you here on the site. Without your dedication and support, I would have never been offered this amazing opportunity. Thank you all so very very much. 
I want you all to know that I am taking on the responsibility of going as your “representative”. On Friday August 9th, I will be collecting your input, ideas, concerns, and excitement, to take with me when I attend Sims Camp. If I get the chance to have my voice heard by anyone on The Sims Team, I want to make sure it’s SimsVIP strong. 🙂 


Sims Camp runs from August 20th to the 23rd, but I will be arriving in Cologne, Germany on August 19th. During the entire trip I will be updating all of you with any and all information we are allowed to share. There will be plenty of information we will be allowed to share directly from the event, but there will also be information embargoed until after the trip sometime. I’ll definitely keep you guys in the loop!
Along with all of the exciting news above, EA also sent us a “confirmation package” with all kinds of goodies! They included travel guides for Cologne, all our paperwork detailing the events that will take place, a Plumbob Headband (squeeee!) and a luggage tag with the official Sims Camp logo. This was an very nice gesture by The Sims Team, so thank you Sims Team!

Outside Box inside

While on the trip, I will be posting many news articles here on the site, but I will also be using all of SimsVIP’s social channels to share information. While all of the important events @ Gamescom (ie: Press Conferences and such) will be hosted live here on, be sure to follow SimsVIP’s social sites as well.





As I mentioned above, there will be a ton of simmers from around the world attending this event. Below is a list of fans from countries around the world who will be attending Sims Camp. 🙂


Alala Sims (Brazil)

♦ AsiaShamecca Sims (USA)

Bill Sim (USA)

Blacky Sims Zoo (Germany)

CapitalSim (Spain)

ChrillSims3 (Sweden)

Crinrict (Switzerland)

Curtis Paradis Show (Canada)

elle0808 (UK)

Edenstyle (Italy)

ehaught58 (USA)

♦ Pulversoppa (Sweden)

Garryschool (France)

iPodZeke1 (USA)

Luke Production (Italy)

Platinum Simmers (Dutch/English)

Rachybop (UK)

Rflong7 (USA)

Ruthless KK (USA)

Sara De Moor – (Belgium)

SF Magazine (USA) (Germany)

SimCookie (France)

SimEve (USA)

SimFans (Germany)

SimGoodies (Norway)

Simified (USA)

Sim Times (Germany)

SimsCri (Italy)

Sims Network (Dutch/English)

Sims Nieuws (Dutch)

Sims True Life (Poland)


The Real Sims Webseries (USA)

The Sim Supply (Australia)

The Sims Resource (UK)