Gamemoir: Guest Blog Interview with SimsVIP

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It all began in 2000 when a harmless addition – The Sims – took over my life forever. As a 15 year old girl, I spent countless nights playing a game that would turn into pure obsession by the time I hit adulthood. Today, this 28 year old girl not plays the game obsessively, but also shares her love for the game through a fansite for The Sims series. Say hello to!


The original idea behind SimsVIP was to create a news forum where everyone could share their ideas in the form of posts. While we grew to over 200 members between January and March 2011, I couldn’t envision the future of forums. I soon decided to drop the forum boards and create a full blown website where I could post daily news updates and still have a place for readers to comment with their thoughts.