The Sims 4: Photobombs Around the Web

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Yea, I know. The Sims 4 news world is dry. To help ease the pain, I found some photobombs of The Sims 4 around the internet. Some of these you may have already seen, but either way, here’s a temporary “fix” for you. 😉


Photobombs provided by: SimTimes, PC Games (de), Netzwelt, & The Verge

sims_4_gamescom_peter_03-pc-games sims_4_gamescom_peter_01-pc-games sims_4_gamescom_peter_02-pc-games ss (2013-10-06 at 03.13.46) netzwelt-bastelte-gamescom-sim-ersten-alpha-sims-4-bild-eanetzwelt-30901 sims4playbooth007 sims4playbooth010 sims4playbooth011 sims4playbooth012 sims4playbooth008 sims4playbooth009 sims4-gamescom sims4playbooth006 sims4playbooth005