Game Revolution: Sims 3 Into the Future Review

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Into The Future, the eleventh and final expansion pack for The Sims 3 franchise, satisfies a part of my fantasy for Electronic Arts to combine Maxis and BioWare together to develop “The Sims: Mass Effect.” Now, Into The Future may not allow me to roleplay as a turian doctor with a foul mouth, but it at least lays down the groundwork for me to imagine what Earth might look like in several hundred years… and lets me design a Plumbot called Legion equipped with Sentience and Sinister Circuits. I’ll send an apology to the quarians when the time comes.

Upon reloading your most recent save or starting a new household’s worth of Sims, a time traveler will sudden appear through a glowing portal affixed to the front of your home lot and will prompt you to travel with him to the future, after you wave goodbye to your pets (as I did with my Siberian husky, Garrus). This warps you to the community center at Oasis Landing, a place where food and water are synthesized, citizens travel in hovercrafts and jetpacks, computers and televisions are holographic, and every object has an ergonomic, geometrically refined aesthetic.