The Sims 3 Bonus Edition Now Available

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The Sims 3 Bonus Edition has hit Target’s shelves, and I just picked up my very own copy! The Sims 3 Bonus Edition Retail Box includes The Sims 3 Base Game, premium content from The Sims 3 Store, new boxart, and a disc. This Bonus Edition game is exclusively available at Target Stores.

For information on the premium content included in this exclusive version, check out our Sims 3 Premium Content Guide.




Box Art





What’s Included?

♦ The Sims 3 Base Game

Bonus Content: Frost-Bite Pro Ice Cream Machine from The Sims 3 Store

Bonus Content: Soothsayer’s Crystal Ball from The Sims 3 Store




Redeeming the Bonus Content

The bonus Premium Content that comes with the Sims 3 Bonus Edition Retail Disc, can be redeemed here. Enter the code from the leaflet included inside the box, and download the content from your Purchase History.






Price and Purchasing Info

The price for this Sims 3 Bonus Edition + Bonus Content in North America is $19.99. You can purchase this bonus edition exclusively at Target.

Target (In stores only)