The Sims 3 Ultimate Careers Mod by Zerbu

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Hey guys! Wee Albet here, I hope you are all doing well! Today I’m bringing to your very eyes information on a new mod being created by Zerbu Tabek. What is this mod and why should you care I hear you ask? Well, it does what so many of us have wanted to happen within our game since it was first released! Basically, it eradicates the need of Rabbitholes (to an extent) and allows you to control your Sims at work!
That’s right! No more waving goodbye to your Sims for a few hours and imagining what they are getting up to inside those fancy looking buildings! Instead, YOU control the action! Want your Sims to flirt by the coffee machine with their boss? Go right ahead!
Zerbu was kind enough to take the time to answer some of my questions, so I shall hand you over to him! Stick around for the end as there are also two videos made by Zerbu showing this amazing new mod off!


1) Can you tell us a little about yourself?
The first Sims game I played was the original The Sims for the PlayStation 2. If I remember correctly, it was in 2003, but I don’t remember exactly. Since then, I became extremely addicted to the series and got all the The Sims and The Sims 2 games for the PS2 since then. I always wanted to upgrade to the PC version, but I didn’t have full-time access to a computer until about two years ago.
About a year after I got my first laptop, I decided to get The Sims 3 for the PC, then later got expansion packs for it. I later joined the community, and as I gradually became more active, I met some amazing people there.
The thing I like best about The Sims is that it lets you create what you want and act out your imagination. It’s more than just a video game – it’s a creative sandbox.
2) From your tweets and videos, the Ultimate Career Mod sounds like it is going to blow the game wide open, can you explain what this mod is please?
The Ultimate Careers mod replaces the way careers function so that instead of going into a rabbithole, Sims will now spend the work day at an open community lot where their career performance gradually increases. A new “Perform Job…” menu has been added to several objects with two options: “Work Normal” and “Work Hard”. Using these interactions will cause your Sim’s career performance to increase faster, but will also drain their Fun need.
NPC co-workers will be actively pushed to perform work-related interactions, but they’ll stop if you prompt your Sim to socialize with them. Co-workers will stop working and be pushed to take care of their needs once their Fun need gets too low from working. They’ll also stop to take care of their needs if their Bladder need is too low, or if they are starving.
The status of a Sim such as mood, skills, relationships, as well as career-exclusive features, will effect the speed career performance increases just like it normally would.
Lifetime Rewards will also be supported as best as possible.
Unfortunately, career opportunities won’t be included – at least not in the first version – because it seems to require a significant amount of code to allow them.
A rabbithole is still needed on the lot for the game to recognize it as the career location, as well as for non-career interactions, but Sims don’t do their jobs inside it. Players who don’t want the rabbithole to use up space can use a rabbithole rug or door mod.
3) How does the mod work? Will it be easy to put into the game or will we need to set things up for it to work?
There are options when clicking on the City Hall to enable and disable the mod for specific careers. By default, all careers are disabled, and must be manually activated by the player. And of course, the player will need to build or place a workplace, unless they want Sims to just stand outside.
4) What careers do you have working so far? Are there any careers that you decided the mod was not suitable for? For example, the Military or Police careers?
As of the time I’m writing this, all the interactions have been completed and I’m now coding the City Hall enable and disable options. All careers will be available to be enabled, but not all of them will be able to simulated in full. It’s up to the player whether they’re alright with that, and they can keep the careers disabled if they’re not. If the mod is enabled on a career the mod is not very suitable for, co-workers will be pushed to use whatever available objects are available. The only career not available at all is the Education career, which I’ll explain in the answer to the next question, and the Mausoleum part-time job, since there’s no way that can be made suitable.
5) Does this mod work with the school rabbithole? Will we be able to make our own classrooms?
Not in Ultimate Careers, but I plan on making a separate mod for schools. The Education career will be linked to it, which is why that career won’t be included when Ultimate Careers is released.
6) If we decide we only want one open work space in the world, can we keep rabbitholes for other careers in the world and will they function as normal?
As mentioned in the third and fourth questions, yes you can.  😛
7) I have seen you tweeting about changing code for items to work with this mod, there are certain items from The Sims 3 Store may be suited to this mod (magic items for Fortune Teller, Bistro Oven for Check etc), will you be implementing Store content in the mod?
Not in the first version, but I might add the interaction to more objects in later versions.
8) Do you have a release date in mind? Or will it be released when it’s ready?
I’m hoping to get the mod ready on Friday or Saturday, but I can’t guarantee it. It depends on how well the final test goes and whether there’s a lot of code I need to change or not.
Be sure to check out these two videos of the mod in action 😀



Thank you Zerbu for taking the time to not only answer my questions, but for making this mod! I for one can’t wait to start using this mod!