Community Spotlight: Deligracy (Builder)

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Here to kick off June’s Community Spotlight, is Builder Deligracy! In a brief introduction below, Deli gives readers a chance to learn a bit more about her. If you don’t already know who she is, you will now! Take it away Deli!

Untitl12124124edHey there! I’m Deli, an avid simmer based down-under in Melbourne, Australia. I have been playing the Sims since the franchise started, and before that, SimsTown and SimSafari! My place in The Sims community is relatively new (January 2014), making YouTube videos consisting of “speed builds”, “lets plays” and renovating series.
One aspect of my Sims game play which I’m probably best known for is my experimentation with interior design. As a Graphic Designer, my love for experimentation with colours, patterns and layouts comes naturally for me, and The Sims franchise is a fantastic, creative outlet for it! I enjoy utilizing the “move objects on” cheat to combine objects in unique ways, overlapping and stacking them to create imaginative sim homes. Split-leveling is also another building aspect I love to have fun with, such as making shelving from floor tiles and placing usually floor-based items on top of beds, sofas and chairs.
For most of my builds, I always create a “sim client” or family to design for. I take into account their storyline, traits and style and use these aspects as a challenge for my builds. At the moment I’m running a “Lets Renovate a Houseboat” series where viewers are helping me build a houseboat for an elderly sim couple, retiring on their dream house boat in the beautiful Isla Paradiso! This is very different to my last series where we renovated an apartment for our glam, divalicious sim Eleanore in the bustling Bridgeport.
Another unique aspect of my gameplay is that I’ve always played The Sims constantly switching between current households, in order to create neighbourhoods of interwoven story lines. In my first ever Lets Play (Lets Play The Sims 3 Aluna Island), we are playing with three different households—it’s scandalous!
It’s so amazing to have met so many people through YouTube after only a few months, and has made my Simming even more awesome! I’m so grateful to have been warmly welcomed by other simmers in the public, simming sphere, whom I love to interact with on twitter! We are so lucky to have such a tight community of people from all over the world, all enthusiastic about this magical game we love to play.
I have to give a special shoutout to Alexis here at Sims VIP for this special community spot, The Sim Supply for discovering my channel, and of course The Sims team for all the amazing and hard work they do to keep us simmers happy!
Whilst we excitedly wait for the Sims 4 arrival, I cannot wait to share more content with my viewers and enjoy exploring what others in the simming family are up to!
Happy simming,


Deligracy x