GamesRadar: The Sims 4 Preview

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Officially announced at Gamescom, The Sims 4 is now shaping up very nicely indeed. With new information arriving from E3 2014, we now know that the new game, launching in September, is set to make your little computer people better rounded and more nuanced than ever before.
While the core experience looks familiar, your Sims’ deeper, more realistic reactions should fundamentally change the way things work in a real sense. Intrigued as to these deeper new possibilities for helping and abusing your shiny, diamond-headed citizens? Read on and we’ll break it down.
Another major addition to The Sims 4 is that your Sims now have emotions. Instead of just being robotic blank slates for you to manipulate and project your own desires onto, your Sims are now living, sensitive creatures for you to manipulate and project your own desires onto. From their gait to their posture, your Sim will be moodier than ever. But you can use their emotions to your advantage by focusing their energies on something productive. For example, an angry Sim can use the gym to take out their aggression and level their abilities.
Sims have over a dozen emotional states, all of which will confer different abilities and context-sensitive options for them. The developers showed this feature off to us by introducing a scenario in which two male Sims were attempting to woo a female Sim, and in it, the male Sims each had different dialogue options with which to win over the female depending on their moods. It’s a bit disturbing how excited we are to callously manipulate our Sims’ emotions and engender the simulated social interactions of our fantasies.

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