Game Informer: The Sims 4 Preview

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Simplification is a key word for Sims 4, letting you create and play with less fuss. But that doesn’t mean that the game is dumbed down any – it’s just streamlined and smarter.
Previously EA talked about how the Sims 4 makes they physical side of character creation easier with better tools, no sliders, and more choices. After that, picking an aspiration sets up a long-term personality goal for your sim (these are based off of archetypes like nature, food, athletic, etc), and each aspiration comes with an appropriately paired trait (such as the Computer Whiz aspiration that’s paired with the Quick Learner trait). Your aspiration can be changed at any time, but if you complete the aspiration’s goal you’ll be rewarded.
Selecting a handful of traits (hobbies, lifestyle, social, emotions) fills out your sim’s personality, and these interplay with your sim’s emotions to influence what you can do in the world. For instance, the emotional state of an angry sim can be mitigated by utilizing one of your traits. If one of your traits is that you like to hang out with friends, then doing so can lighten your mood.