The Sims 4 Preview

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Translation via Google (meh) – Hat Tip: Rincon Del Simmer

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The unique Sims in the gaming landscape emerges from the statistics: the whole catalog Electronic Arts, the series inaugurated by Maxis in 2000, is by far the one that the user can rely more transverse, a product that can involve both the male audience As the female and wink at those who want to experience casual or a simulator complex and full of options.
Le emozioni di The Sims 4 In recent years, with the explosion of the mobile gaming market with the offer and landed gaming on social networks, the series has perhaps lost some of its appeal, at least compared to those increasingly looking for a quick and enjoyable pastime interactive always and from any device.
Nevertheless, the characteristics of supply and sales performance satisfactory, however, have not stopped a car that has churned out dozens of EPs, and now is preparing to host the fourth installment regularly. A product that fits securely into the groove of the its predecessors, which decided not to come off too much in favor of many small innovations and features which should, however, improve the gaming experience as a whole. A few weeks ago we flew in Redwood Shores, home to the American giant EA, to view and try out some specific aspects.