RECAP: The Sims 4 @ E3 2014 (SimsVIP Style)

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To ensure that you have caught up with all the information SimsVIP has brought you from E3, I have prepared this “recap” post with links to all the articles we have published.
Since E3 is hectic event, many articles may have been buried to pages 2 and beyond before you had the chance to see them. If you have any questions about the information provided, please ask and I’ll try to answer!

• The Sims 4: EA’s E3 Press Conference (June 9th, 2014)
• E3 2014: SimsVIP’s Sims 4 Interview with SimGuruGraham
• The Sims 4: Walk Styles in CAS
• The Sims 4 Includes Auto-Save Feature
• The Sims 4: Hairstyles & Highlights in CAS
• The Sims 4: Maternity Clothes Are a Thing of the Past
• The Sims 4: Creating My Simself at E3
• The Sims 4: Aspirations & Traits (List)
• SimsVIP Exclusive: Green Skinned Sim (Screenshot)
• The Sims 4: New E3 Show Floor Trailer
• The Sims 4 @ E3: More Create-a-Sim Footage
• The Sims 4: More Random CAS Footage


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