The Sims 4: More Guru Tweets

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I talked about this a bit in the interview with @SimsVIP – we don’t have the traditional rabbitholes that players are familiar with from Sims 3. Instead the game treats careers more like Sims 2 where the Sim leaves for the day and returns after their shift.

One of the big benefits of the careers is that as you progress through them you get lots of rewards that can be used in your Sim’s home so that it’s a greater reflection of who they are. Many of the skills also have similar unlockables. If your Sim loves painting, shouldn’t they be able to build themselves an art studio that actually looks like a studio to make art in?

Off the top of my head… you can choose other specific Sims for them to socialize with, you can build specific skills, can sleep, can have them maintain their needs… things like careers have their own set of away actions that are more relevant to their work.