Origin Still Offering The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection

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If you missed out on The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection promotion from Origin, you can still get your hands on it according to a thread over at Reddit. Users are reporting that as long as you own The Sims 2, an Origin representative will gladly add the Ultimate Collection to your Origin account. Contact Origin.
I’m pretty sure EA no longer supports The Sims 2 as far as technical support is concerned, so be sure to check out some common help threads for issues with the game: How To Install on Windows 8, Removing SecuROM, Remove Black Squares, Increase Resolution.

Via lilpoundcake: If you contact Origin support (you need an origin account first though) and explain that you missed out on the promotion when it was running, they will add it to your account. I did that a few months ago, and they gave it to me no trouble.