The Sims 4: Placing Game Icons On Your Desktop

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With Origin housing all Sims 4 games in its download client, the add-ons you purchase do not display as individual icons on the desktop. The folks over at TheSimsTimes understand that some players want to proudly display the games they own, so they’ve put together a guide for placing icons on your desktop for the “aesthetics” of it.

1) Download the Icons Pack and extract the icons to a new folder or destination on your desktop.
2)  Open C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games, then the \The Sims 4\Game\Bin folder. Create five shortcuts for TS4.exe, which can be done by right clicking the exe and “Send To” desktop.
3) Select each TS4 shortcut separately, and right click to select “Properties”. Click the “Change Icon” button from there, and select the icon you want to use. Apply the changes and move on to the next. Repeat this step for all the icons.
4) Once you have changed the icons, feel free to rename the shortcuts to the names of games you own.