The Sims 4: Storyboard Concepts by Multiple Artists

Post Production Direction & Design

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Tom Green, Creative Director for The Sims 4, has shared storyboard concepts from multiple artists. You may remember these storyboards and concepts from several Sims 4 Academy videos released earlier this year.

From start to finish, The Sims 4 job was an absolute blast. As creative director/director, I found our biggest obstacle to overcome was in pitching when we had to determine the best way to express the characters’ vast array of emotions. As the characters in The Sims 4 have the widest range of emotions compared to any previous Sims game, we were conflicted whether to utilize motion capture or traditional third character animation. Through further development of the pitch, we came to the conclusion that traditional third character animation was the way to go because it allowed us to exaggerate the Sims’ playful emotions more than motion capture would have allowed.

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