Community Spotlight: SimsOnline (Fansite)

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Here to kick off SimsVIP’s September Community Spotlight is Sims fansite! In a brief introduction below, Sandra gives readers a chance to learn a bit more about what she does. Take it away!

Untitl12124124ed Hello Sims fans! My name is Sandra and I’m the owner of I first want to thank Alexis for this opportunity to share my story on SimsVIP.
The Sims was always a part of my life when I was growing up. My younger sister and I started to play The Sims when The Sims Hot Date was released. We saved and spend our pocket money to buy the base game and this expansion. We immediately fell in love with this game. We did everything together in this game; building houses, setting up the family and deciding how their lives must look like. Since then we managed to buy every single Sims/Sims 2 game until The Sims 3 was released. We couldn’t keep up with all the store items coming out so we decided to only get the expansions and accessory packs for this one.
A lot of years past and in that time I fell in love with my husband and had a son. I was visiting SimsVIP often to read up about the news for The Sims 4 that was going to be released. I was so excited about this game, SimsVIP and The Sims 4 inspired me to build my own Sims fansite! I’m focusing on posting news, guides and tutorials. I’m trying to keep improving the website and the written content that is published. I got a few people helping me (Ilaria, Julien, and Joe writing articles. I’ve became very busy the last couple of months. I’m hoping I’ll be able to write a lot more content very soon and get a few more writers to help the website grow. I have so many ideas and articles I want to write!



My Passion: Building houses in The Sims 4

I love figuring out the features in The Sims 4 and write guides about it. What I love even more is building houses! I think I spend 80% of my time in The Sims building the biggest mansions to the smallest starters. If you want to follow me in The Sims 4 Gallery, my ID is: Donsvlinder
Here is some of my work and it’s all available in The Sims 4 gallery:

simsvip-house3 simsvip-house4 simsvip-house1 simsvip-house2

Side project

The Sims isn’t the only game I really love, 1 month ago I started a side project together with Rens from Simlicious: We share the same interest in theme park simulation games and with the new games coming out like RollerCoaster Tycoon World, Planet Coaster and Parkitect we think this website is a great addition to the internet.
Thank you all for reading, if you have any questions you can contact me on Twitter, Facebook and even Google+ if you like 😉 or leave a comment below.
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