The Sims 4 Gallery Spotlight


Summertime Sendoff

As the shiny days of summer dull into fall, some still yearn for the bright sun and bold heat.  To keep the sunning spirit alive year round, sample these custom content free community locations courtesy of the Gallery.  Enjoy!

1. Newcrest Pool by TINYTEARZ

Splash!  This family pool with modern bathroom is the perfect place to rest, relax and play the day away.  The bar is a great gathering place for Mom and Dad while the children play on the monkey bars and swim.  Don’t forget the sunscreen!


2. Sunny Day Swimming by Ktejj

For family fun at its finest, come to Sunny Day Swimming!  The pirate ship and monkey bars add fun for the kids while the piano, chess and bar keep the grownups happy.  Barbecue grills, picnic tables and a stereo make this a destination worthy of an entire day out.


3. Summer Beach Paradise by Papariu

Inspired by Sunny Day Swimming by Ktejj, Summer Beach Paradise is an homage to the original summer fun swim center.  A different color pallette and decorative rocks around the pirate ship make this incarnation quite a boon to its predecessor.


4.  Weathertop Amon Sul by RivendellStar

Not all concerts were meant to be indoors.  With Weathertop Amon Sul, Sims can enjoy the twilight air as local comedians and musicians ply their craft.  Plenty of seating welcomes the entire neighborhood to the show.  Be prepared to be entertained!


5. MinnieTime Amusement Park by yaakov57

Sims young and old will delight in this fantasy land.  The park features the fairy castle with bar, piano and cupcake making machine; the forest cottage with beds to rest in, Blicblock, bonsai and guitars; playgrounds with both the pirate ship and space ship plus garden mazes, and a restaurant.  There’s also chess tables, instruments, games, television and a pool to keep your Sims occupied for the entire day and into the night.


6. Rabooski Amusement Park by Rabooski

Rabooski Amusement Park has everything you can imagine for a carnival.  The creator has represented bumper cars, a merry-go-round, strong man challenge, gravity drop and many other classic carnival rides.  There’s chess, playing cards and a bar for the adults with spaceship, pirate ship and pool for the kids.  As your Sims try out all the different activities, they can practically smell the cotton candy.


7. Willow Creek Cinema by elysenichole

After a busy day, Sims will enjoy relaxing and watching a film.  This theater has an open seating area in the lounge with a snack bar, as well as a large screening room and restrooms.


8. Living Waters Extreme by Heidiextreme

The beautiful fresh water springs amongst the rocks beckon Sims into the dual level swimming experience at Living Waters Extreme.  It’s not just fun, it’s gorgeous!  Hungry Sims will appreciate the barbecues and campfires.  If the children prefer not to swim, monkey bars save the day.


9. BAYWATCH Miami Beach by JBEAR1

Ready for a true beach front fun day?  Gym equipment is poolside, with showers and locker rooms in the beach shacks.  Don’t feel like working out?  An easel is on site to capture those beachy moments.  Hungry and don’t want to go home yet?  There’s a barbecue and refrigerator for refueling the most active Sim.


10. Riverpalm Pool by KaiXDemoness

An oasis in the heat, Riverpalm Pool is equipped for loads of summer memories.  Offering more than just swimming, Sims can enjoy a meal on the grill, play some chess, paint or read a book.


11. Blue’ Bakery & Ice Cream by MaereMearcstapa

This parlor has all the treats to tantalize a Sim that’s been out at the park all day long.  Lots of open seating is available to relax and enjoy the tasty ice cream and baked goods for sale on the first floor.  The upper floor offers the cupcake making machine, computers and cooking stations.  The lower floors have some surprises; an indoor garden with all plants needed for some yummy food creations, plus a wellness spa with massage table and sauna.