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Update: SimGuruMeatball has confirmed that this concept art is that of a freelancer, and not officially connected to The Sims in any way, shape, or form.

Searching for some new Sims 4 concept art, I came across some two month old work by a 3D artist named Osvaldo Orozco. While there’s not much on his website, the following concept images for “The Sims 4 Modern Line Stuff” appeared on his Artstation profile.

the-edge-style-escritorio-moderno the-edge-style-sillon-moderno the-edge-style-silla-moderna the-edge-style-lampara-bamboo the-edge-style-screenshot000 the-edge-style-screenshot002 the-edge-style-flux
Although this listing is unofficial, could this be the listing for “Stuff Pack 5” that briefly appeared in the Origin client during the release of the September 1st patch? It’s expected that some type of “Spooky” content could be headed our way as well, so is “Modern Line” up next? Only time will tell, so let’s file this under “RUMORS” for now.