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The Sims 4 Get Together Expansion Pack* comes out worldwide the week of December 7, which means players all around the world will be able to explore Windenburg, customize and join Clubs and try out the new DJ and Dance skills.

But there’s even more stuff to talk about in this expansion pack. Here are 15 reasons we are excited to get together.


Take care of household chores during a Club Gathering. When Sims enter a Club Gathering, they’ll start doing whatever the Club rules tell them to do. So if you tell your Club to garden, repair things, clean things, and cook… then that’s just what they’ll do if you invite them over and start a Gathering. Trust us, they’ll have fun.

Explore haunted locations. There are some wicked ghost happenings in Windenburg. Visit the Von Haunt Estate to learn and see the goings on of the old couple who died among the hedge maze, or head to the local pub for Ghost Night (it’s like Ladies’ Night, except with more ghosts, but… you likely figured that out already).

Create a top tier party atmosphere. There are several new DJ Booths, with multiple ways to customize them. Fill your nightclub with TVs while DJing to see the full effect – the Teleplosion ability lets the DJ command all screens for an epic performance.


Clink glasses with friends and family. The Bar Venue has been completely upgraded to celebrate its European side with new refreshments, food, and the ability to buy a round with friends. There are also themed nights, like Knight Night and Ladies’ Night, so be sure to check back to see all that Windenburg’s Pubs have to offer.

TS4_SimsClankGlasses_002 (1)

Throw a dance party at the Ruins or the Bluffs. While the Ruins might look like decrepit structures to some, they’re the perfect place to sneak off for a late night get together. A DJ Booth and bar will be provided, but you’ll be responsible for bringing the party.

Manipulate the crowd with your amazing mixes. Highly skilled DJs can use the Feel the Crowd interaction to manipulate their emotions. It’s a great way to see the effect music has on the Sim soul!


Create a Club to rival another Club. Being nice is great and all, but sometimes you just want to stir the pot. Pick a seemingly innocent Club (like the food-obsessed but well-meaning Upper Crusts), then create a new one and set their Club Activities to troll and torment the other. Mischief and mayhem ensue!

Clank about in a Knight Suit. Goofy costumes are critical additions for any Sims experience. Adorn your favorite trouble maker with an all new suit of armor and clank and cavort about town incognito. Or, grab a drink at Knight Night with a group of similarly armored fools.


Overthrow a Club’s leader. Join a Club that has a leader, befriend them, and talk behind their back. When the moment is right, overthrow them with a Club coup! It’s risky, but oh, the sweet sweet pay off.


Style your poorly dressed neighbors with the Closet. Tired of seeing your neighbors walking around in drab outfits? It’s okay, not everyone has your sense of sweet fashion. No problem! Buy one of the new walk-in Closets, invite them over, then dress them anew.

Dance the night away with your closest friends. Sure, you can dance solo, but few things look cooler than your Sim and their friends dancing perfectly in harmony to some killer music. With the Dance Floor, your Sims can even do organized, synchronized dance moves.

Play new games with your Sims. There are so many ways to spend your leisure time! Send your Sims to the Pub to play arcade games, darts, or foosball. There’s also a new board game that fans of The Sims 2 might recognize: Don’t Wake the Llama.



Max out a skill that challenges your Sim alongside their closest friends. Create a Club, tell them to perform an activity related to the Skill, then spend Club Points to buy Perks to improve the Skill. Your Sims will be masters in no time!

Scandalously skinny dip. Or skinny anything really! Nudity is nothing to be ashamed about, assuming appropriate company. Jump into the pool from the Jumping Platform and let a wardrobe failure go. Who cares? It’s just a little nudity!

Bug the barista for a perfectly mixed caffeine boost. When the late night energy is starting to dip, go to the Café and get a drink to keep the night going. Whether it’s a latte, cappuccino, or Americano, your Sims will be jittering in no time!


And this is just a small taste of what The Sims 4 Get Together has to offer. We’re really excited to see the crazy Clubs you’ll make, the absurd lots you’ll build, and the fun stories you’ll tell in Windenburg.