The Sims 4: Plexi Glazz’s Guide to Being the Life of the Party

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Do you like to go clubbing? Do you want to be life of the party at your nighttime outings, but you just can’t figure out how to bring the party up a notch? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you all the secrets you need to know for when you’re out on the town. My name’s Plexi Glazz, and people like to call me the Party Queen! Or at least that’s what my 86 followers who are most definitely not robots call me on Simstagram.

Okay, so first rule of thumb when out on the town is your presentation. You need to be club ready! If you’re going to somewhere like an upscale nightclub in Windenburg, I suggest you wear some nice, yet informal clothing with maybe some makeup and heels. And for nice clubs like those, you can never never go wrong with simple black clothing!


On the contrary, if you’re going to somewhere like a local tavern, wearing more relaxed clothing is more appropriate. You want to wear a simple button down with black jeans? Go ahead! You want to wear a T-shirt with converse sneakers? Sure! Feel like wearing a hot dog suit? I don’t see why not! You want to just show up in the nude? I suggest not, because the last time I did that, I got banned from my grandma’s book club. Sorry, Nana.

So now that you know how to dress at the club, you have to know how to act. And my most important advice regarding this is to just be wild and have fun! That’s what clubs are for! Don’t just stand there doing that random wave move sims do while their bopping their heads to electronica. Instead, go up to a random stranger and challenge them to a dance competition. Trust me, it’ll work for some reason. Don’t ask me why. I’m not too sure either.

And don’t worry about whether you’re a good dancer or not. Just flail your arms a bit like you’re Madonna, and you can consider yourself a dance floor champion!


So while you’re settling in to the club vibe, you might want to start getting to know people better. Go ahead and ask people how their day is going, chat about their interests, and debate the existence of vampires. Y’know, the usual topics of conversation. And maybe when you get to know people a little better, you can order some drinks for them.

Or just do what I do. Sneak behind the bar and pour some drinks for yourself when no one’s looking. Nobody will care. They take “open bars” very seriously at clubs these days.

At this point, you have probably already become the life of the party. If not, just keep doing what you’re doing. Go crazy on the dance floor! Drink juice until you lose bladder control! Teach Bob Pancakes to let loose and get him to eat some waffles for once!


And if you really want to go crazy, how about participating in some public WooHoo? That’s right, public WooHoo! Whether it be in a bush outside the property or some random closet in the basement of a club, public WooHoo can bring any party from a 10 an 11! And don’t forget to throw your hands in the air and audibly yell, “WooHoo!” before getting to action. If not, you’ll just look like a total fool.

But why stop at WooHoo?! People like to call me the Party Queen for a reason, and that’s because I never do anything small! If you want to become party royalty like I am, you have to stand out and make a scene. And you know the best way to do that? Fight somebody!

Everyone loves a good fight, so why not start one in the middle of the dance floor?! Just pick a random person in the club and imply their mother is a llama or something. Once things start to heat up, just start fighting! All eyes will be on you! You will truly become the life of the party!


Until you’re kicked out of the club, of course. But hey, I’d consider being kicked out of a club to be a win. It isn’t a truly fun party until punches are thrown and people are kicked out! That is, unless you have to pay the fine for clogging all of the fountains at The Blue Velvet Nightclub because you and your friends thought it was a good idea to throw bath bombs in it at the same time and run. That’s not a good idea. Don’t do that.

And that’s really all you need to know about how to be the life of the party when you’re out on the town! It’s simple, really. Just be wacky as heck and pray that you don’t die from embarrassment from all the outlandish things you will be doing. But the risk is most definitely worth it!

Oh, and I know that Autumn Equinox promised to give tips about getting rich quick in her Guide to Surviving the Jungle Unprepared, but apparently she got arrested for “money laundering and the failure to disclose material facts,” whatever that means. But don’t worry! I’ll give you all some more advice in the future about how to get free presents out of Father Winter, even when you’ve been naughty all year!


Let me know if these club tips worked for you by tagging me on Simstagram! And if they didn’t, don’t tag me. I can’t afford another bad review. Plexi Glazz out!