The Sims 4 Get Together is Coming To Consoles September 11th

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The Sims team announced The Sims 4 Get Together for Consoles! On September 11th, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players can add the new clubs system to their game. For more info on the game and features, check out our Sims 4 Get Together Game Guide.

There are lots of things that like to get together. Peanut butter and chocolate. Cats and memes. Retirees and cruises. The Sims™ 4 Get Together Expansion Pack* and consoles. Wait, what? Yes, Simmers. Get ready for clubs, a new world, and so much more, all coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on September 11, 2018! We hope you’ll like this pack for many reasons, but to kick it off, let’s just start with ten.


1. Clubs are here, and they bring the drama.

We’ll get into more detail about Clubs in the near future, but for now let’s talk about stirring the pot. Being a nice club member is great and all, but there are plenty of ways to create mischief. For example, you can target a seemingly-innocent Club (like the food-obsessed Upper Crusts), create a new one, and set their Club Activities to troll and torment the other. Let the mayhem ensue!

2. Club Gatherings can be your clean-up crew.

Your club, your rules. During a Club Gathering, Sims follow club rules, which are set by you. So, if you tell your Club to garden, repair household items, clean countertops, and do some cooking, then that’s just what they’ll do! Invite your Club over for a little lunch ‘n’ clean. Trust us, they’ll have fun.

3. Nightclubs are the new hot spots.

There are several fresh DJ Booths, with multiple ways to customize them. Fill your nightclub with TVs while DJing to see the full effect – the Teleplosion ability lets the DJ command all screens for an unforgettable performance.


4. Four words (and a dash): late-night dance parties.

While the Ruins might look like decrepit structures to some, they’re the perfect place to sneak off for a late-night get together. A DJ Booth and bar will be provided, but you’ll be the one bringing the party. Invite the whole neighborhood!

5. Style your poorly-dressed neighbors with the Closet.

Speaking of neighbors, are you tired of seeing yours walking around in drab outfits? It’s okay, not everyone has your chic sense of fashion. Now there’s a solution for that! Buy one of the new walk-in Closets, invite the neighbors over, then dress them anew. Ta-dah! Magical fashion.

6. Knight Suits have arrived.

In not-so-fashionable news, goofy costumes are always in demand for any Sims experience. Adorn your favorite troublemaker with a suit of armor, and your Sim can clank and cavort about town incognito. Or, grab a drink at Knight Night with a group of other armored jokesters.


7. Windenberg has a creepy history.

Pro tip: There are some wicked ghost happenings in Windenburg, the new world you can discover in this pack. Visit the Von Haunt Estate to learn about the old couple who died within the hedge maze, or head to the local pub for Ghost Night (It’s like Ladies’ Night, except with more ghosts. You get the idea).

8. Max out a skill that challenges your Sim alongside their closest friends.

We’ll get deeper into Skills in due time, but one of the basics is to Create a Club, tell them to perform an activity related to the Skill, then spend Club Points to buy Perks to improve the Skill. Your Sims will be masters in no time!

9. Play new games with your Sims. So meta.

There are so many ways to spend your Sims’ free time! Send your Sims to the Pub to play arcade games, darts, or foosball. There’s also a board game that fans of The Sims 2 might recognize: Don’t Wake the Llama.


10. Bug the barista for a perfectly-mixed caffeine boost.

After reading this list, you and your Sims are probably ready for a pick-me-up. With Get Together, when Sims’ late-night energy is starting to dip, go to the Café and get a drink to keep the night going. Whether it’s a latte, cappuccino, or Americano, your Sims will be jittery in no time!