The Sims 4 Pets? Lead Character Artist “Performing Visual and Technical Exploration of Animals”

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Steve Rheinfrank, lead character artist on The Sims 4, has updated his resume to include an “untitled project” that involves the “Visual and Technical Exploration of Characters, Animals and Creatures”. Could this mean that a Pets Expansion Pack is on the horizon?

Steve has been working on The Sims since 2010 when he helped craft The Sims Medieval as the lead character artist, and doesn’t seem to have moved on to a different game or studio.

Seeing as Steve has an impressive history with The Sims, and Pets is one of those games that tends to repeat itself in this series, I’m fairly convinced that Steve’s “untitled project” is a Pets themed game for The Sims 4. However, without any official confirmation by The Sims team, and nothing more than this resume to go by, let’s just file this one under “speculation/rumor” until further notice.