Community Spotlight: Kawaii Simmer (YouTuber)

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Here to kick off SimsVIP’s January Community Spotlight is community YouTuber Kawaii Simmer! In a brief introduction below, Yani gives readers a chance to learn a bit more about her involvement within the community. Take it away Yani!

Untitl12124124ed Hi, my name is Yani also known as ‘Kawaii’ here on the web. I am a 16 year old girl from Australia who has always had an invigorating passion for The Sims. My first Sims game was The Sims 2, which was given to me by my Father when I was only 5 years old. He borrowed the game from his coworker and told me I could use it before he had to return it to him. As I held the game in my hands, I recall being so fascinated by the cover.


The diverse group of virtual people and the shiny green diamond (the very famous plumbob!) caught my attention instantly. Having no idea what the game was about, I inserted the disc into my computer to find out.

From the moment I loaded up the game for the first time, The Sims franchise has become a huge part of my life. Today I own every single Sims game for PC and a various range of them across consoles, including classics like Urbz: Sims in the City and MySims. I would play for hours on end, letting time fly right by me. Whether I was taking my Sims on a tropical vacation or having a barbecue with the aliens next door, I was always having immense fun. The Sims was my escape – its my own little world.

05-31-15_1-22 PM

Fast forward 10 years later, I decided to start my own YouTube channel under the name ‘KawaiiSimmerr’. On the channel, I regularly post Let’s Plays, Create-A-Sims, Speed Builds, Custom Content specials and more. I have over 150,000 wonderful subscribers and over 17,000,000 channel views. My channel is my form of Sims self expression, I love being apart of the community with so many other creators/players.


My most popular series is the 100 Baby Challenge, the goal where I make my sim have 100 babies. This series has gained major appreciation from people across the world. The first video of this challenge has racked up over 1,400,000 views, with the following installments following the same pattern! It makes me, as well as any other sims player in the community, feel so happy to know that the love for playing The Sims has spread across the globe.

The Sims is a game that will always have a special place in my heart. I’ve met so many amazing, creative and inspiring people through this game. I will cherish every memory I have with Sims forever. I’m so lucky to have so many lovely people supporting my channel. I love every message, fan art, fan page I receive. I’ve even met a few of my subscribers too! I will never forget the rush of happiness I felt when I met them. Sharing my passion for The Sims is so rewarding and it makes me feel proud to know I’ve influenced others to play the game for themselves too. Any person, regardless of age or gender, can play this game and have fun; that’s what makes The Sims special.

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Thanks for taking the time to read this little section of my big Sims journey. Hopefully you can join me on this journey. Big thank you to Alexis for giving me the opportunity to participate in the SimsVIP community spotlight! You can find my YouTube and other social media links down below ♡