Celebrate The Sims Anniversary With Fun Wallpapers and an Infographic

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To celebrate The Sims’ 16th Anniversary, the Sims team has released a fun infographic and a collage type wallpaper for download. Check it out below!

Blow Out the Candles

We’ve spent this past week celebrating the 16th anniversary of The Sims by looking back at the franchise on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. We really hope you’re enjoying the new content in the Update, too! We got so excited for The Sims’ birthday that we wanted to party a little more, and have two fun things to share with you: some wallpapers, and an infographic!


First, here’s the infographic, which has information on all of the games in The Sims franchise, as well as some facts about… you!


Emily Zeinner, one of the artists on The Sims 4, also made a wallpaper for your computers or mobile devices that celebrates the history of the franchise. We think it’s super cute!


Click here to download the wallpaper!