Site News: Response To Claims That Was Hacked

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This statement is in response to a Reddit Thread that falsely claims was hacked, and a “post” was published by unauthorized persons to the site. 

Earlier today, we received reports from concerned members of the Simming Community that someone had managed to gain unauthorized access to After reviewing the evidence provided, and examining log records, we did not find any evidence of said hack and can only conclude that the image was nothing more than a poor Photoshop render.

SimsVIP takes Cybersecurity very seriously, and we wanted to ensure our readers the site and server were not compromised. With that said, we can officially debunk any claims that the site was controlled by unauthorized persons, and our readers should not be alarmed.


We understand that members of SimsVIP entrust us to protect their information, and we want to assure you that you may continue to confidently use

Thank You.