Community Spotlight: Simproved (Builder)

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Here to kick off SimsVIP’s March Community Spotlight is YouTuber/Builder Simproved! In a brief introduction below, Simproved gives readers a chance to learn a bit more about their involvement within the community. Take it away Simproved!

Untitl12124124ed Hello everybody! I am Fry from Germany and you might also know me from my YouTube channel Simproved. I’ve been playing The Sims since the very first game came out. Back then I was still a child and I used to play computer games together with my mom. One day she came home with The Sims game and told me that she would like to try it. We were immediately hooked to all of the opportunities and free open gameplay the game had.

Gypsy Wagon – Download Here



Sometimes we would play together on one household that we created together, always planning what we are going to do next with our sims. Other times we played separately in one neighborhood, where my mom usually just played with the sims themselves (she never liked to build that much) but I was so in love with the build mode that all I did was build houses and furnish them, setting up stories with the people who lived there and then move on to another lot and repeating the process. My mom got all of the sims happy and the houses clean wherefore I always gave her new “work” to do with the houses I have built. This is how it all started basically!

Throughout the years, I always came back to playing The Sims when a new game pack came out and I would build houses again. Setting up stories, never really playing the game in live mode. Building houses has always relaxed me. I could always focus more easily in build mode and the music always made me happy and calm. It is just perfect after a stressful day! I soon started building in different styles so I could create more variety for my neighborhoods and give them all their own individual flair. Also, building very detailed and cluttered lots is my new obsession. I am the crazy clutter lady of The Sims 4!

Modern Treehouse – Download Here


Two years ago I found some YouTube channels of people who like me loved to build houses in The Sims and started watching them all, getting inspired for my own builds. I was so fascinated that other people played The Sims in the same way as I did, which is not playing with the sims per se, but creating houses, neighborhoods and even whole worlds for them to live in! In The Sims 4 it is so easy to share your creations in the gallery for every simmer around the world. So I thought it would be a nice idea to also make videos about how I build my houses as a way to showcase my own work so that people can have a better look at my creations before they downloaded them.


I created my YouTube channel Simproved. As a German, I wanted my channel to be more international so I started it in English. I uploaded a couple of videos and immediately a lot of people started following me and requested more builds. After a couple of months, people asked me to do voiceovers on my videos. That’s when the “I want to improve my English!” aspect came into play. I love the interaction with my viewers and I love to read what they think as they mostly inspire me for future builds and teach me how certain things are spoken in English. When I watch older videos of me now, I can definitely see that I have improved my pronunciation of English words and my own building skills. It is so cool to have a YouTube channel as a diary of a learning process. I am very happy that so many like my builds and that I can inspire them for their own builds and sim stories!

Steampunk Villa – Download Here

steampunk villa

I want to thank Alexis for this community spotlight and LessThanZero Sims for helping me with writing this text. I feel absolutely honored and I am very proud and happy to be a part of this huge community!

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