Community Spotlight: Devon Bumpkin (Builder)

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Here to kick off SimsVIP’s May Community Spotlight is Community Builder Devon Bumpkin! In a brief introduction below, Aden gives readers a chance to learn a bit more about his involvement within the community. Take it away Aden!

Untitl12124124edHello everyone! I’m Aden, I’m known as Devon Bumpkin on Youtube where I primarily build houses and other lots for your Sims. I’m now also part of the SimsVIP staff as a Building Contributor which I’m so excited and humbled to be a part of; so stay tuned for tutorials, builds and ideas you can implement into your own game!


I’ve been playing The Sims since its first release day, I was a big fan of SimCity and I remember seeing the advertisement for something new coming soon and I was intrigued. I still remember the first time I bought The Sims and played it, I was playing for hours and nothing has changed since that day! I grew up in a gaming household, my Dad being the main instigator, from the days of the board game Dungeons and Dragons, the Atari 2600 and later Nintendo! My love for gaming has never faltered and now I’m studying to be a Game Designer/Developer at university and loving every minute!

Buckingham Palace

I first reached out into the Simming community a few years back, I was taken aback by how helpful, nice and welcoming you all were. I decided to have a look on YouTube to see if anybody showed how they build their houses. This is where I came across Deligracy, The Sim Supply and Simified to name a few and they inspired me to set my own YouTube channel up showing the way that I went about building and what kinds of builds I love to create. My YouTube channel became active in January of this year, so I am very new to the YouTube community but I’ve been surprised to see the channel grow before my eyes and I’m hoping in 2016 it will continue to do so!

Port Hamlet Modern Industrial

In the future I’m looking at introducing new content to the channel, these will include Sims 4 Let’s Plays, Vlogs and various other games too. I love storytelling and grew up in a household where I was inspired to use my imagination and think outside the box, this not only shaped me as a person but made me bring it into every aspect of my life.


Museum of Modern Art

Before YouTube I shared a lot of my builds on Twitter with other Sim Builders, Deligracy has gave me some brilliant feedback from my creations and it spurred me on to create even more and step up my game. This is important because hearing what your peers think of your creations makes everything worthwhile, I can only hope I get to do this for other Simmers out there one day!

I want to give HUGE thanks to Alexis and all of the SimsVIP staff for giving me this opportunity; not only for the community spotlight, but for asking me to be a part of their team too! 2016 is looking to be the best yet! Happy Simming Everyone 🙂
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