Create A Mod – Updating Your Mods


Now that you’ve made your first mod, you need to know how to check to see if your mod needs updated after a new patch or not. You need the latest version of Sims 4 Studio. Before you begin, please make sure that you’ve followed these tutorials:

Create A Mod – Programs for Modding

Updating your Mods

So a new patch has arrived, great for the game….more work for us modders though. We need to make sure that our mods are compatible for this new patch. So, let’s get to it!

Setting Up and Extracting

  1. Remove your mods from your game, I usually move them to my desktop.
  2. Update your game (if your game automatically updated before you could do Step 1, it’s ok, just move them after the game updates).
  3. Make a new folder inside your Mod Creating>Sims 4 Studio folder that we made in the Let’s Make a Mod tutorial with the date of the new patch as its name (i.e., New patch day is June 23rd, so name it 6_23).
  4. When the game finishes updating, open Sims 4 Studio and click on Tools>Extract Tuning…
  5. When the Extract Tuning window pops up, tick the Use Subfolders and Extract All boxes, then click Export.
  6. A window will pop up telling you to Browse for Folder. Navigate to and select the new folder you made in Step 3 (inside Mod Creating>Sims 4 Studio), then click OK.

Note – After you click Ok to extract, you may or may not get an error report pop up in Sims 4 Studio. If you do, then Sims 4 Studio will need updated for the new patch, which means you’ll have to wait until they release the update before continuing this tutorial. They usually have it updated within 24 hours, and luckily it won’t always need an update. If Sims 4 Studio extracted with no problem, then go ahead and continue.

  1. It will take several minutes to extract. Once it’s done, your new patch folder will pop up and the extracting will be complete.
  2. Open WinMerge, then go to Options> Backup Files and make sure that File Compare and Folder Compare are unchecked.
  3. Close everything.


Checking your Mods

  1. Open TS4 XML Compare.
  2. Click each Browse to set the paths as shown below:
    For the Your XML File one, you need to click Browse and navigate to your Modded XMLs folder where you saved your edited XMLs to. At this point most of you will only have the sims.aging.aging_tuning in there, so go ahead and select that.

    Note – If you have more than one XML to check, you can select multiple ones at once. However, do NOT select any more than 50 at a time (see note from scumbumbo on that here).

  3. Once you have everything set as I do in the screenshot above, then click Launch WinMerge.
  4. Now WinMerge will compare the XMLs automatically for any changes. If you’re doing multiple XMLs they’ll be popping up and closing really fast, that’s normal so don’t worry.
    • No windows stayed up – Then none of the XMLs that you checked needs updated. If you have more to check, set them in the Your XML File box and repeat Step 3.
    • Any windows stayed up – There is at least one difference between the old and new XML(s). Which means they may need updated (not always though). Make sure to take note on which XMLs stayed up.
    • If you get a “not found in extracts” pop up error – See fix here.


Preparing to Update

If you didn’t have any windows stay up during Step 4 in the previous section, then you’re done and you can add your mod(s) back to your game. If you did, then you’ll have to stick around and do more steps with me!

  1. Make a new folder inside your Modded XMLs folder and name it XMLs to Update:
  2. Select and Drag the XMLs that stayed up in Step 4 of the previous section from your Modded XMLs folder to your newly created XMLs to Update folder:


 Updating your XMLs

Since my All Beds Equal mod needs updated, I will use the XMLs from that as an example to show you how to update.

  1. Open TS4 XML Compare.
  2. Set the folders and options as I have them below:

Your XML File – Navigate to and select the XMLs inside your XMLs to Update Folder (remember no more than 50 at a time).
Old – Navigate to and select the new patch folder (6_23 in this case).
New – Navigate to and select the XMLs to Update Folder.

  1. Click Launch WinMerge.
  2. All of your XMLs will pop up in a separate window. Once it’s done, start with the XML that’s shown on your screen. Click on the Next Difference arrow circled below to start:This scrolls down to the first code difference. The left box is the new default XML, the right box is the edited XML. For this mod, this difference is ok because it’s part of what I changed for the mod to work as I want it to.
  3. Continue clicking Next Difference, checking each difference to see if it’s what you edited/added. Repeat this until you get to the one(s) that you didn’t edit/add.
  4. Now I got to this code difference:As you can see, this new code is for the monsters under the bed that came with the new patch, so it needs copied over.
  5. Click on the Copy Right button that’s circled in the first screenshot below, this copies the new code into the edited XML, shown in the second screenshot:
  6. Repeat the above steps (where needed) until you come to the end of your XML.
  7. Once done, look over the right side to make sure that everything you changed initially when you created the mod is still there:
    Now the only differences are those that I previously edited, which means the updating process for this XML is complete.
  8. Now that you finished updating your XML, you need to save it. Click on File> Save Right> Save. This will overwrite the XML inside the XMLs to Update folder, which is what we want. After it saves, all the changes you made will have a green bar as shown below: 
  9. Close the window
  10. Repeat steps 4 through 11 until you have finished updating all of your XMLs.


Re-Packaging your Mod

Now that we finished updating the XMLs, we still need to add them back into the package.

  1. Drag the package that your edited XMLs belong to on top of the Sims 4 Studio desktop icon to open it: 

    Note – I find it easier to keep any mods that I created myself all in one package that I named MYMods. It just makes updating them so much easier and your Mods folder for the game more organized. However, if you have them uploaded somewhere, it’ll be best to keep the ones you have uploaded in separate packages.

  2. Now that your mod package is open with Sims 4 Studio, click on Batch Import
  3. Navigate to your XMLs to Update folder, select all the updated XMLs, then click Open:This will override the old XMLs automatically.
  4. Double-check the imported XMLs, then click Save: 
  5. Close the window.
  6. Move your updated mods back to your game.

All done! Now move all the updated XMLs from the XMLs to Update folder back to the Modded XMLs folder. Once you checked and updated all of your mods, you can delete your old patch folder.