The Sims 4 Gallery Spotlight


Summertime Splash

Beat the smoldering summer heat in these swimmingly fun and diverse community pool locations.  Each are custom content free and available for download in the Gallery.  Dive in!

1. Family Pool Party by hallelujah4321, §29,461

It’s party time!  This simple yet excellent park has a swimming pool with dive stand, bar, barbecue, and appetizer tray.  When nature calls, just fertilize the bushes.


2. Chillout Pool Spaß by Merijy1896, §29,805

For those seeking more grown up swim time, Chillout is the place to be.  This outdoor pool has a dive stand, a campfire with cozy seating, an appetizer tray, bar, patio dining sets, an outdoor shower and sink, plus those unforgettable bushes just waiting to be fertilized.  Please use the bb.moveobjects on cheat when placing this lot.


3. Oasis – Pool & Grill by natasha0919, §59,540

Spend the day with friends and family swimming and enjoying good food and drink.  The hours will fly by in this restaurant with lots of umbrella covered seating, a spacious, well lit swimming pool with dive stands, a well designed kitchen for staff, and restrooms.


4. Perfect Pool by simmermatt555, §64,346

Living up to its namesake, this pool caters to the teen+ demographic.  The gates open to a coffee service area with seating and a stereo, a bon fire for dancing, a center building with restrooms and showers, a large swimming pool with dive stand, dance area with DJ booth, jukebox, a bar, and another seating area with a refrigerator.


5. Little Swim / Grill Party by SimSoapie, §73,372

Unique colored fountains and flowering shrubs decorate this lazy river shaped swimming pool party location.  Designated as a National Park, there are two barbecue areas astride the main fountain that include chess tables, barbecues, easels, and picnic tables.  The center of the swimming pool offers classy patio seating, a faux hot tub, full service bar, chess table, microphone, stereo, and barbecue.  The adorable pink building houses the restrooms with showers.


6. Cangrejo Beach by syberiana98, §79,420

Sand brushes up against the water’s edge in this beach combers dream.  The grounds offer a covered bar with seating, restrooms with showers, a fire pit with log and stone seating, lounge chairs near beach umbrellas line the shore of the ‘ocean’ with towels and stereos nearby.  The side of the beach holds an additional campfire with stone and log seating, as well as a barbecue area with several barbecues and picnic tables.


7. Tropical Pool by Benpol260, §85,298

Natural and organic, this impressive swimming pool is ringed in tropical plants and sandstone.  The pool itself has dive stands and rock benches dotted along its edge, with a rest area in the center with comfy seating.  The rear pool house has more seating, a bar, and stairs to the basement where the bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms are located.  The basement also includes a window into the pool and a fishtank.


8. Pool & Hangout by Aineislis, §95,155

Two spacious pools are the focal point of this local gathering spot.  The main pool has a patio area with bar, coffee maker, and patio seating.  The second level pool has a grand patio with barbecues, sinks, patio seating, and benches.  The pool house has a seating area with bookcases and bathrooms including showers.


9. Paradise Beach by clonuxy, §136,720

The wind whispers through the palm fronds in this simple beach…paradise. 🙂  The irregular shaped pool lends itself to feeling more natural, less constructed and has yoga mats doubling as beach towels ready for relaxing upon, as well as a cooler and beach chairs.  The grounds are ringed with a raised dock that holds benches for those incredible views and leads guests to chess tables and the restrooms.  A play area offers picnic tables, a pirate ship, and monkey bars.  The concession building includes patio seating, a bar, refrigerators, a sink, and several fire pits.  The lifeguard stand/building is a delight with toilet room and storage within; public showers and sinks are just behind it.


10. Quase Uma Praia by karinamaruzzo, §171,967

Visitors will love the amazing creativity exhibited in this enchanting beach.  The back drop of the extended sea with a boat helps reflect an even deeper blue into the water of the irregular shaped pool.  The small center cabana has a bar on each side, with plenty of seating.  The beach homes on each side are divided into two apartments, one on each floor.  They are identical and include a living area with seating, bookcase, television, stereo, bedroom area, kitchenette, and bathroom.  The second floor has a wraparound porch with seating, the first has a barbecue, sink, and seating.  The beach has a lifeguard stand, play area with pirate ship, patio dining tables, and picnic tables.  Several beach towels dot the shoreline with coolers nearby.