The Sims 4 Olympus: Preliminary Multiplayer Promotional Video (2012)

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Creative content agency, Bonfire Labs, has released their Sims 4 promotional video work from November 2012. The first clip depicts the “multiplayer” concept seen in The Sims Olympus, and the other clips have been spotted in the current promotional campaigns.

The Sims Olympus was an online multiplayer Sims game that was never released, but parts of it eventually found their way into what is now known as The Sims 4.


In November of 2012 EA approached Bonfire Labs to work on a long-form video to introduce Sims 4. To bring the Sims characters out of their electronic world, we created animation showing them reacting to a live human hand. We also created 3D interstitials, built stunning motion graphics, and were tasked to handle the all-important 3D Sims logo animation.