The Sims 4: City Living Community Events Happening Worldwide

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Players from around the world are participating in various Sims 4 City Living Community and Producer Events in their regions. The events are taking place worldwide for the next few weeks, and players will get hands on time with The Sims 4 City Living Expansion.

According to Polish fansite, DotSim, there is an embargo in place for the event information, including a separate embargo for the opinions and reviews of the attendees. The list below is the most current information regarding the City Living event embargoes.

Embargoes for the event (which keep in mind can change at any time) are as follows: 

  • Info Release Details:
    • Some information, including Producer Pressers (October 13th)
    • Q&A’s and Producer Interviews (October 24th)
    • Screenshots, Game Facts, and Video Footage (October 24th)
    • First impressions (excludes opinions and reviews) (October 24th)
    • Final Reviews and Opinions (October 31st)

Multiple sources have confirmed to us that the embargo specifically states that opinions of the game cannot be shared until October 31st. This means that if attendees want to criticize, review, or share any negative feedback about the game, you won’t read about it until the day before the game releases. Same goes for any positive opinions as well (?). As usual, we will create a Mega Thread post of the event information that rolls out, so stay tuned!