One of the most difficult rooms to furnish in The Sims 4 is the bedroom. Without Custom-Content it’s easy to find yourself devoting hours to grappling with colour schemes and mismatched furniture as you try and find the perfect bed for space. With eclectic and exacting Sims to please and a style to uphold, it’s easy to get disheartened by the in-game swatch colours and objects available. Frustrating as this may seem, there are plenty of ways to keep your builds looking original and innovative without resorting to Custom-Content.

I have designed three completely different bedrooms in The Sims 4, all of which are vastly different in style but share the same room size, shape, and bed. Using the right decorations and colour schemes, I wanted to show that it is entirely possible to adapt one bed to whatever theme you feel like! Here’s how:


1Industrial (Move Objects is your Best Friend)

Spending too much time worrying about choosing the perfect combination of bed frames and bed covers? Use the Move Objects cheat and begin making your own furniture! Simply type bb.moveobjects into the cheat bar and start playing with a build mode of new possibilities. Merging this bed with a bohemian end table and fusing it into the wall meant that the obligatory, not-very-industrial frame that comes with this swatch was hidden from sight. End tables, 2 seater sofas, and ottomans usually fit well in front of beds and are a faultless way to spare yourself the stress of choosing a swatch that is just right.

Wallpaper and flooring
play a huge part in creating a style. Pick the right coverings and your theme will establish itself! This distressed brick wallpaper instantly makes a room look like an upmarket studio apartment regardless of your other furniture choices. Coupled with a dark wood flooring and some contrasting white feature walls, your room will reach the heights of the hipster hierarchy with ease.


Through adding a mismatch of wall art, mirrorsbedroom-3-1 and paintings, and littering tables with masses of candles and books, you can create the signature artsy vibe of industrial builds. By utilizing The Sims 4’s ability to move objects up and down (Press the 9 and 0 keys whilst holding an item) you can stack mirrors on top of one another, make a painting look as if it’s balancing on a shelf or add more decor to an already full table.

2Teen (It’s all about colour schemes)

The biggest piece of advice I can offer for decorating a bedroom is to start with the bed. With limited in-game options, it’s essential to consider basing your room’s theme on the colours or patterns of the bed covers you’ve chosen. This ensures that your bed will never look out of place and avoids the frustration of completing the perfect room only to find that there isn’t a perfect bed to go with it. I made sure that the colour of my clutter and decorations either used the same pastel blue of the bed sheets or complimentary pinks and purples, helping to create a cute, quirky and impeccably matched teenager’s room.



A great tool in The Sims 4 is the ability to size bedroom-6-1 objects up. As long as you have Move Objects enabled, simply hold down Shift and press the left and right square bracket keys to make items bigger. It can often be tricky to fill up empty spaces, especially when working within the boundaries of a colour scheme and specific style, but this option provides a straightforward way to create a colour-coded focal point out of your favourite vase of flowers or stylish table lamp.

3Beachy (Don’t be afraid to mismatch!)

One of the biggest worries in The Sims 4 Build Mode is finding a set of furniture that matches perfectly. Finding the perfect bed only to discover that it is near impossible to find an equally perfect dressing table to match can be infuriating. Luckily, however, the majority of the items in The Sims 4 come with colourful, plastic-like meshes. If it works with the style, swapping your wooden bedside cabinet for an aqua blue table can make mismatching look like a fashionable choice rather than a compromise. Go for an orange plant pot or a bright blue bookshelf, and stop fretting over that perfect match.


A great trick for expanding your decorating possibilities is beingbedroom-9-1 inventive with what the game offers. More often than not objects can be used for multiple purposes outside of their category; liberate your computers from their desks and place them on dining tables or kitchen counters. You’ll triple your furnishing options and increase your chances of building something original. In this particular room utilizing a bar-height table meant I was able to forgo the unsuitable desk chairs and opt for a beachy stool that was ideal for my theme.


Implementing these ideas should mean that your bedrooms in The Sims 4 will begin to feel unique and inventive no matter which bed you use (or how many times you use it!). Be imaginative, be creative, and say goodbye to frustrating moments of bed-related stress.