The Sims 4 Gallery Spotlight


Vespertinal Vampires

Creatures of the night are roaming our Sim neighborhoods!  These homes will either help vampires stand out and wave their fanged flag, or blend into traditional society.  All of these dark abodes are custom content free and available for download in the Gallery. Bleh!


1. Small Victorian by simmingmommy, §76,122

Quaint and cozy, this charming Victorian home has addressed the needs of both vampire and Sim.  The first floor has a parlor with fireplace, and stereo, an eat-in kitchen with bar, and a bathroom.  The second floor is the master bedroom with computer, vanity, bookcases, and easel.  The basement offers the pipe organ and a coffin.  The grounds hold a plasma fruit tree that’s practically ready for harvest.


2. Victorian Mansion by JenyaMay, §115,788

What mystique would an old Victorian home hold without dark dusty corners and secret passageways?  Feel slightly ooky on the first floor with a parlor including stereo and pipe organ, a dining room, and a kitchen with at-island seating and an espresso machine.  The wraparound porch has seating on one side, and a chess board on the other.  The second floor includes a bathroom, and master bedroom with bookcase door leading to a private study with bookcase, computer, and chest.  The grounds have an old cemetery with a crypt; a staircase leads down to the vampire sleeping area with two coffins.



3. Forgotten Hollow Abode by brnymk, §120,750

Shrouded in years of dust and cobwebs, this home has old world charm and modern conveniences.  The first floor holds the kitchen, dining room, staircase alcove with globe bar, parlor with fireplace, bookcases, chess board, easel, chest, and stereo; a secret bookcase door opens to a staircase down to the underground crypt with pipe organ and two coffins.  The second floor has a home office on the landing with bookcase and computer, bathroom, and master bedroom with vanity.  A small chest is in the tower that can only be accessed while flying or teleporting.  The grounds have a bonfire, garden planters, and small cemetery.



4. Von Carstain Manor by Marigold91, §166,621

A topsy turvy tudor with patchwork rooms, this whimsical home has a fantasy feel.  The first floor has a parlor with fireplace, bookcase, globe bar, and pipe organ.  The second floor has a dressing area with vanity that opens to the master bedroom with chest.  The third floor has a home office with computer, chess board, bookcase (and balcony access), a bathroom, and a magic room.  The second building on the lot has a basement crypt with four coffins.  The grounds have a small cemetery and pond.


5. Vampire Victorian Mansion by LouCvz, §186,710

Quite the venerable abode, this enchanting home is ideal for the vampire family.  The first floor has a parlor with fireplace, bookcases, globe bar, a dining area, kitchen, and half bath.  The second floor has a toddler bedroom with bookcase, dollhouse, potty chair, and toy box, master bedroom with vanity and en suite bath, nursery with cradle, and bathroom.  The third floor has a home office landing with computer and bookcase, a child’s room with single bed with castle, and teen bedroom with double bed and computer.  The basement crypt has a game table and two coffins.


6. Du’n Dreach-Fhoula by DreamLumos30, §187,165

The name means ‘place of tainted blood’, and is a noble neighborhood fortress.  Evoking memories of a traditional vampire home, this castle has much to offer.  The first floor has a grand foyer, parlor with fireplace, piano, dart board, jukebox, bar, and balcony access.  The second floor landing looks down to the first floor and holds the pipe organ (if real, this would have amazing acoustics!) and some bookcases.  Also on the second floor is a library with fireplace, computer, bookcase, chess board, and balcony access, as well as a room with a bath.  The third floor is a coffin sleeping room with bookcases and balcony access.  The above ground basement holds an eat-in kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom (perhaps for a human servant?).  The grounds offer a plasma fruit tree that’s ready to harvest.


7. Victorian Vampire Mansion by wizardofozz1988, §254,430

A red brick masterpiece, this beautiful mansion has inviting porches and a dauntingly high spire.  The first floor has a lovely foyer, a parlor with fireplace, and bookcase, and a kitchen with fireplace, and dining area.  The second floor has a home office on the landing with computer, bookcase, and easel, a bathroom, a bedroom with double bed, computer, and bookcase, and a master bedroom with bookcase, computer, and en suite bath.  The third floor has a bathroom and a bedroom with double bed.  The basement holds a sitting room with fireplace, bar, bookcase, chess board, and pipe organ; coffin sleeping for two is adjacent.


8. Vampire Mini Mansion by mustbeshy, §265,935

This brick charmer welcomes with a wraparound porch with a chess board.  The first floor offers a parlor with fireplace, television, globe bar, and pipe organ, dining room with bookcase, and eat-in kitchen.  The second floor is open with a home office area including bookcases, chest, seating area, and fireplace.  The basement holds a landing area with bar, bookcase, and fireplace (fireplace may block stairs and would need to be placed elsewhere or removed), coffin bedroom, bathroom, bedroom with single bed and bookcase, a second bedroom with double bed, fireplace, computer, and private access to the bubble blowing room, a third bedroom is adjacent with double bed, vanity, fireplace, and en suite bath.  The grounds have a barbecue, seating,  garden planters, and a small cemetery.


9. Vampire Mansion by jarkad, §328,353

A stunning brick mansion that sits atop the hill in Forgotten Hollow, this breathtaking home has a first floor with kitchen and dining room, library with bookcases and computer, as well as a parlor with fireplace, chess board, television, and stereo.  The second floor has a bathroom, sitting room with bookcase and bar, bedroom with double bed and television, music room with piano, and art room with two easels and art storage.  The basement holds a coffin room with four coffins and a chest.


10. Corvinus Vampire Anwesen by Bene_SimFansDE, §458,995

A spacious home with a unique layout, this stone, wattle and daub manse is designed for a dynasty of vampires; gargoyles watch the goings on from their perches on the roofline.  The first floor has a sitting room with fireplace, stereo, and television, an eat-in kitchen with fireplace, dining room with fireplace and globe bar, parlor with chess board, fireplace, bookcases, and chest.  The second floor has a landing, open to the first floor, with pipe organ, bedroom with computer, television, fireplace, and en suite bath, bedroom with piano and en suite bath, home office with computer and secret access to the science lab with chemical analyzer, chemistry lab, and bookcase.  The basement holds three coffin sleeping rooms; the first two have two coffins, the third a single coffin and a chest.  Access to this crypt is both in the house and in the tower behind the home adjacent to the cemetery.