French Reader Claims to have Received a Sims 4 Survey

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French fansite, has received images from their reader Yoann, who claims to have taken a Sims 4 Survey via GlobalTestMarket. Below is a translation of the images via Google Translate, accompanied by the original images.

The Sims 4 Bestioles (Insects/Small Pets)

The Sims who want a pet but who lack space at home will love The Sims 4 Bestioles. Adopt a wide variety of new small animals, teach them towers or even breed them to get rare appearances. Build your own pet shop to earn money with adorable creatures and their accessories.


Adopt new animals – Have your Sim adopted a new animal and have it handled. Choose from a chattering bird, a mischievous ferret, an adorable guinea pig or a stealthy reptile.

Unusual species and tricks – Learn new tricks to animals, such as fetching an object or saying new expressions. Create your own rare species with a specific appearance and personality.

Build a pet store – Create your own pet shop to sell various animals and win Simflouz. Sell ​​pet habitats, pet food and even toys to entertain them.


What is the probability that you bought the game pack Bestioles if it was available for the price of 19.99 €?

The Sims 4 Dream Crafts

The Sims can now lead active careers to which very few people have access in The Sims 4 Dream Crafts. Get fame and fortune by floating in space as an astronaut, making dangerous burglaries as a thief or by vibrating the strings of a guitar on stage

Become an astronaut – Get into space and land in a Fascinating space station. Lead scientific experiments, float in space and even get out of the station to wander around.


Lead a Thief’s Life – The Sims in search of a dangerous and thrilling life can become world-renowned thieves. Succeed in risky burglaries, steal jewelry and even manage an international criminal association.

Be a rock star – Form a band and go on tour to become rich and famous and experience new experiences. Play multiple instruments ranging from electric guitar to drums and master your stage skills.

What is the probability that you are buying the Dream Crafts extension pack if it was available for $ 39.99?


The Sims 4 Beauty Salon

The Sims who need to change their heads or who want to make a living by offering beauty services will love The Sims 4 Beauty Salon. Open a Beauty Salon and Hire employees and offer various services ranging from haircuts to manicures. The Sims can also get tattoos or get their tattoos removed.

Open Your Beauty Salon – The entrepreneurial Sims can open their own salon and make profits. Hire hairdressers, offer unique services and build a good reputation. Enjoy the services of the Sims salon. Give them a haircut, hair removal, a new hair color and even a manicure to restore their self-confidence.

Get a tattoo – The Sims in search of a more permanent change can get tattooed on any part of the body or get a laser tattoo removed.


What is the probability that you would buy the Beauty Salon game pack if it was available for the price of 19.99 €?

The Sims 4 Summer Holidays

The school is over and it’s time for your Sims to relax and enjoy the sun in The Sims 4 Summer Holidays. Choose your accommodation then go to the beach to make a sand castle or participate in a Hawaiian party. Tuck the waves on a surfboard or relax, pick up shellfish and discover unseen marine plants and animals.

Choose your accommodation – The Sims can rent a cabin on the beach, buy a holiday home on a cliff or go to a luxurious hotel with a view of the sea. Make fun activities at the beach Enjoy the sun and go to the beach to build A sand castle, a campfire or learn new dances during a Hawaiian evening.


Surfing – Make a hang-ten and fight with your surfing skills. Choose your surfboard and improve your skills to become a surfing legend and a local celebrity.

Explore the beach – Stroll along the beach where you can pick up rare marine plants and animals, discover new colorful corals and maybe even cross the legendary mermaid at sunset.

What is the probability that you will be purchasing the Summer Holiday Expansion Pack if it was available for 39.99 €?


The survey itself is suspect in many ways, and has me questioning the validity of it for various reasons. With that said, please be aware that this survey may not be official.

  1. Historically, surveys ask what you *think* of a concept/idea presented, and not if you would pay a specific price for the content presented.
  2. Source claims to have “deleted” the survey link and has no trace or proof (not even an email or browser history) that it existed.
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  4. The survey site given by the source did not allow me to register. (Tried multiple times with different email addresses/countries)
  5. Historically, surveys are presented in English.
  6. Lyndsay once said “space” was considered a “off the drawing board” feature in an interview with us.

There are too many open holes & questions that cannot be answered, and I don’t feel confident in posting this survey as “official”. Hopefully someone else comes forward with the same survey and additional images to prove validity. Until then, feel free to discuss!