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The Sims 4 Parenthood is here! Undoubtedly this Game Pack is full to the brim with new gameplay options but if you, like me, spend less time building family relationships and more time, well…building, then what does this Pack have to offer?

It may seem obvious but you really wouldn’t be Making the Most of this Game Pack without trying your hand at building some kids’ bedrooms. Toddlers, Children and Teenagers now have more age specific options than ever before and that means that it’s never been easier to waste away the hours creating the perfect space for your Sims’ new bundle of joy.


The Sims 4 Parenthood came with a lot of items that look homemade and personalized. For this Twin Toddler Bedroom, I used the new painted plates and added them to shelves above the beds. These hand-print designs work really well alongside the birth certificates I found in the BuydeBug catalog to create a room that feels cosy and individual!

One thing I really like about this Pack’s new Build and Buy Mode objects is that a lot of the swatches match really nicely with both the Base Game and with some of the previous Packs. Kids Room Stuff was always going to compliment this Game Pack perfectly and I was pleasantly surprised to find that things like the bedside table and dresser matched well with the new bed options that came with Parenthood. Although it’s only a small detail, I really appreciate the fact that one of the swatches for the Pack’s new poster features the return of Voidcritters. It was really nice to be able to use the new item alongside the Voidcritter decals from Kids Room Stuff!

One of the things I noticed about this Pack’s Build Mode is that there’s a real focus on items that help make a build look lived in. From magazine racks and hairdryers to a mass of new furniture options all of which look a lot less pristine than the things we’re used to, its easier than ever to create a cluttered and untidy space. This new style inspired me to create a chaotic and messy Teen room. I used the BuydeBug cheat to find dirty plates, bowls and soda cans to litter about the place and added in some of the food stains that came with City Living. I had a lot of fun placing objects on top of each other and scattering piles of laundry across the floor. Enabling MoveObjects was a must with this room, it allowed me to clutter the space up as much as I wanted, creating the perfect place for your teenagers to escape from their parents!


Even if you’re not a family player most of the Build and Buy Mode objects in this Game Pack are really versatile and can be used in a number of ways. The new Farmhouse kitchen is a style we haven’t seen yet in The Sims 4 and fits just as well in a family home as it might in a vintage themed build or in an elderly couple’s cottage! For this kitchen I used light colours and the new floor to ceiling windows that came with this Game Pack to create a light and airy vibe! I love that this Game Pack came with a bread bin and a new drying rack, these are items that I know I will use time and time again and help to make any kitchen look that bit more comfortable and lived-in.

Although this Game Pack comes with the usual selection of muted shades and plain swatches there are also quite a few quirky and colourful options for your furniture. I highly recommend having a look through all the Pack has to offer, almost all the items come with bright and vibrant alternatives and can be great for using in the homes of those Sims who are a little more eccentric. Just because this Game Pack is centred around family gameplay doesn’t mean that you’re limited to family-orientated builds. I had great fun experimenting with everything available, using the stylish new armchairs and colourful sofas to create a quirky living room!

The Sims 4 Parenthood comes with some really great new styles and objects, and provides some inspiration for innovative and exciting builds! Making the most of new content is all about exploring everything the Pack has to offer. Dive into those family house builds, give your toddler’s rooms a makeover and experiment with the colourful new styles!


Click on the links below to download any of the builds featured in this article!

Twin Toddler Bedroom 

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Teen Bedroom

Farmhouse Kitchen

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