The Sims 4: Upcoming Game Patch Adds Option to Control Culling

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According to Polish Fansite, DotSim, the November Game Patch for The Sims 4 will include an option to control culling in your saved games. Currently, the game will automatically delete and remove Sims from your game once it reaches a specific threshold, but according to the information released today, we will have several new culling options:

The following “Maximum Sim Count” options will be available in the game: 

  • Allow 50 Sims in a save
  • Allow 100 Sims in a save
  • Allow 200 Sims in a save (recommended)
  • Allow Unlimited Sims in a save (not recommended)

Up until now, the use of mods has been the only way to control unwanted culling from the game, and has been a huge problem for players in the community. With a feature like this added to the game, it will make it much easier for players to control their game.


Additionally, they have also added the option for players to “favorite” families and Sims, essentially letting the game know those Sims/Families are off limits when culling occurs.