Origin Update: November 1st, 2017

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There’s a new update available in Origin: Version – 0

Version 10.5.5

  • Give all your hard drives some love – now when you start a game download, you can pick which hard drive you want to save the data to. We won’t tell the others.
  • We’ve been working on our mind-reading skills, and figured you won’t want to keep Angry Space Lizards 3 Standard Edition on your wishlist when you buy Angry Space Lizards 3 Deluxe Edition. Now we wipe those redundant games away.
  • Network errors used to give the Origin store checkout brain freeze and break everything. We warmed the whole thing up and fixed the problem.
  • For a while we forgot to warn you if you were about to buy a bundle that included a game you already owned. *Hiss* our bad. Now that’s fixed and we’ve got you covered again.
  • Some modals used to go bonkers in offline mode. Now they don’t.
  • Chat windows used to have a tantrum and hide permanently when you popped them out and minimized them. We gave them a stern talking to and fixed the issue.
  • You’ll get an error if you try to buy SPEED points offline, but for a while we were showing you the wrong error message. We dealt with that and saved us all from Errorception.
  • If you owned Angry Space Lizards 4 Deluxe Edition and your friend owned the Standard Edition, Origin used to say your friend’s game would shut down if they accepted a party invite from you. We fixed that and officially ended the party crashing threats.
  • We tweaked mobile users’ recommendations so we don’t suggest they pre-order released games. Because as far as we know, you’re not time travelers.
  • We changed the layout of the add-on store to make stuff easier to find. Now you’ll never miss another Angry Space Lizards 5 DLC pack.
    We used to let you buy add-on content and go on your merry way, even if you didn’t own the main game. Now we make sure to give you a head’s up.
  • If you owned Angry Space Lizards and tried to purchase multiple consumables/currency packs, you would get an error saying you did not in fact own Angry Space Lizards. Error, thou art banished.
  • No one likes a vanishing act, so we fixed an issue that caused some titles to go missing from the game library in offline mode.
  • If you tried to purchase a bundle that included a game you already owned, you would get a message saying you owned every version of that game. But now the bug has been unbungled.
  • Discount prices weren’t showing up on certain tiles in the store because they just didn’t feel like it. Thankfully, they have since had an attitude adjustment.
  • We believe no pixel should be left behind. In expanded windows, we’ve resized promotional images so they are no longer cut off on the top and bottom.
  • Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing, like play buttons. Mobile users no longer see two play icons on videos in My Home.
  • If you preordered Angry Space Lizards Deluxe Edition, you could not access the Play First Trial of Angry Space Lizards Standard Edition. That was our collective bad.
  • Users in Brazil used to see a welcome message saying their subscription would end on “invalid date.” This has been fixed. We consulted our in-house time travelers, and they assured us “invalid date” is not a legitimate point in time.
  • We squashed bugs, fixed crashes, and made Origin that much better.