The Sims Mobile Set To Release in Spring 2018

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During EA’s Earnings Call the other day, EA CEO Andrew Wilson confirmed that The Sims Mobile is expected to release in Spring of 2018. This is the first time we’ve had solid info on an official level with regard to a release date since they announced it in May.

So The Sims is going really well. It (mobile) is still in soft launch, and we’re receiving valuable feedback on the game and incorporating adjustments both in terms of kind of a core engagement profile in the game as well as how the game monetizes over time. The Sims is a very valuable brand for us, a very valuable IP.


And it’s a genre in which we are essentially unchallenged on any platform for that matter. And so we want to make sure that we get it right with our community, and we’re seeing very strong uptick in the kind of metrics that we need. And we expect to launch it in the spring. And the good news for us, given the strength of The Sims brand, we still have The Sims free play, which is doing really well for us on mobile.

During Gamescom 2017, SimGuruLyndsay stated in was set to release “later this year”, so there’s been an obvious delay in releasing this game. Currently The Sims Mobile is only available as a soft launch in Brazil and Spain.